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Public Relations Office

Dr. Emilia Simone


Tel: 080 5281117 Fax: 080 5281114

The Public Relations Office was established with L. 150/2000 "Regulation of information and communication activities of public bodies" to ensure the exercise of rights to information, access and participation of citizens, under L.241/1990.
The Public Relations Office (URP) is intended to facilitate the relationship of the citizen user with the agency.
Tasks and activities:
* Information on the relationships between citizens and administrative structures
* Information on the procedures and organisation of the Ministry offices regional and throughout the country
* Information on current legislations
* Information on the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage
* Information on exhibitions and cultural initiatives
OPENING HOURS: Tuesday and Friday 9.00 - 13.00
The Regional Director receives appointments only
Secretariat of the Regional Director: Tel: 080 5281111