State Archives of Brindisi

Director: dott.ssa Francesca Casamassima
Opening days and times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 7.45 - 13.35; Tuesday, Thursday: 7.45 - 17.20 Closed: Sunday
Brindisi (BR)
Address: Piazza S. Teresa, 4
CAP: 72100
+39 0831523412/13
Fax: 08310831521308
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The State Archive of Brindisi was created from the Decree of 31st March 1954 by the Ministry of the Interior. It originates from the Presidential Decree 1409 of 30th September 1963, which supports the establishment of a State Archive in each provincial capital.

In 1990, the State Archives of Brindisi moved to its headquarters in Piazza S. Teresa. The historic building is the former convent of Santa Teresa, and was built in the second half of 600 by the “Discalced Carmelites.” It served as a barracks in 800, with the name of “Manthonè barracks,” before of period of abandonment. Later, after it was rebuilt and then abandoned by the Ministry of Defence, the building became state property. The Ministry of Finance - General Directorate of State Property - then decided to use it for the State Archives and gave it to the Ministry of Culture and Environment.

The building displays the characteristics of a monastery, with four inner courtyards with a portico. The ground floor is used as a warehouse and as a showroom for large conferences. They are arranged on 3 sides of the porch, while the fourth is against the church, which originally housed the kitchen, cellars, pantries, the refectory and the storage of agricultural tools. Offices are on the first floor, in a number of small cells, separated by a continuous corridor. Also on the first floor, is a large study hall a vault and lunettes.

Unfortunately, the space of the section is insufficient and doesn’t accommodate the entire collection of documentary materials. Therefore, the Archive is forced to use other places as well.