State Archives of Lecce

 State Archives of Lecce
Location / Directions

Via Sozj Carafa N°15 - 73100 - (LE)

Tourist Information
Direttore: Dott.ssa Annalisa Bianco
Telefono: 0832 246788/0832 242437
Fax: 0832 242166

Operating Hours

Monday, Thursday:   8,00 - 18,00

Friday, Saturday 8,00 - 14,00


The State Archive of Lecce was derived from the Provincial Archives of Terra d'Otranto with r. d. October 22nd, 1812, n., 1524, its name was changed with r. d. September 22 nd, 1932, n. 1391., December 22, 1939, n. , 2006. Finally, the DPR September 30th1963, n. 1409, gave it the current heading after a more rational and complete re-organization of the archival institution.

The beginning of activity dates back to 1832 on the premises of the former monastery of Celestine Fathers, which hosted the archive until 1960 when the Institute was moved to its current location.

Logistical needs (related to the preservation of documentary materials) have increased steadily over the years, due to the acquisition of other premises for storage use.