State Archives of Taranto

Direttore: Dott.ssa Lucia D’Ippolito 
Prenotazione: Nessuna
Comune: Taranto
Indirizzo: Via di Palma, 4
CAP: 74100
Provincia: TA
Telefono: 099 4529412 099 4526575
Email certificata:
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Operating Hours


from 07,50 to 14,40


from   07,50 to 14,40 and from 14,40 to 16,50


from 07,50 to 14,40


from   07,50 to 14,40 and from 14,40 to 16,50


from 07,50 to 14,40


from 08,10 to 13,40


The State Archives of Taranto and the Office of the Ministry for Arts and Cultural Affairs of the Italian State, are responsible for the conservation, protection and development of historically relevant documents produced by peripheral organs in periods of pre-unification by the state offices of Taranto in the period of post-unification. They also preserve the public or private archives received by deposit, donation or purchase.

The State Archive is located on via Di Palma, and consists of a five story building of offices and deposits. It contains modern technological security systems, including ventilation, refrigeration, heating, burglar alarms, fire detection & automatic shut-off powder potassium, signage & security lighting, and modern compact shelving. There is a spacious study room, an exhibition hall, a conference room, a meeting room, a workshop for carpentry or photocopying, and large, comfortable offices. Due to lack of storage, additional space was acquired on Via Aristosseno, which after refurbishing will accommodate an additional 6,000 ml of archives. For performance purposes the State Archives of Taranto is organized into Areas and Sections.