Archaeological Area of Monte Sannace

Opening days and times: all days except Monday and Tuesday 9.00 - 15.00;

Ticket:  € 5.00

Address: Piazza dei Martiri del 1799, n.1

+39 080-3483052 - +39 080 3481305

Ticket office: Museum and castel of Gioia del Colle +39 080 3491780


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The archaeological site, Monte Sannace, includes extensive areas of settlement in the center of Peucezia that were particularly prosperous between VI and IV century BC. On the hill, the Acropolis stands with public buildings, residences and large aristocratic tombs decorated in Eastern Greek Style. A number of houses and tombs are located in the flat area enclosed by a massive defensive system, formed by a triple wall. The necropolis lies in suburban area with rich grave goods of fine china.