Bari - National Library "Sagarriga Visconti Volpi"

Director: Dott.ssa Eugenia Scagliarini
Opening days and times: Monday - Friday: 8,15 -18,45 Saturday:8,15-13,15; 
Bari (BA)
Address: Via Pietro Oreste, 45
CAP: 70123
+39 0802173111
Fax: 0802173444
Web site:


It is a State Public Library that conserves, enhances and promotes documentary collections mostly of  humanistic and Southern interest. It promotes the circulation of information and documents, with attention to disadvantaged people: it has seats for the disabled, two of them suitable for the blind. It implements cooperation projects within the library network in Apulia.
The collection of books, largely cataloged in the National Library Service, is fully accessible for reading inside the library and for the direct and interlibrary loan, either through the OPAC SBN or through the paper catalog. The Library also provides access to local and remote multimedia resources, it provides bibliographic information and reproductions, in respect of copyright and with attention to the conditions of preservation of library materials.
Catalogue of the National Library Service
Catalogue of the Polo Ground inBari