Castle Svevo of Bari

Castle Svevo of Bari



Location / Directions

Bari - Piazza Federico II of Svevia - 70122



Tourist Information

The castle is home to the Superintendence for the architectural and landscape heritage for the provinces ofBari, Barletta-Andria-Trani andFoggia.


Superintendent: arch. Salvatore Buonomo

Secretariat: tel. 080 5286208 - 080 5286207 - 080 5286287

@ 080 5245540 Fax segr.ambienteba


Management of the Castle: Dr. Annamaria Lorusso

Tel 080.5286219

Fax 080.5245540

Open from 8.30 to 19.30 every day, except Wednesday

Info: tel. 080 5286260/210


Price of Ticket:

Full price € 3.00


Reduced € 1.50 (ages 18 to 25 years)
Free (up to 18 years and over 65 years and for the categories provided by law)



Built on the remains of Byzantine structures, the castle is the result of several building phases, ranging from the twelfth to sixteenth century. It was originally built by Roger the Normanin 1131 and is characterized by its quadrangular shape and square towers. It was under construction between 1233 and 1240 by Frederick II of Svevia.

On the west side, there is a carved archway with a hallway that leads to a balcony overlooking the courtyard. On the north side, in the Swabian Hall, there are capitals of fine workmanship signed by Minerrus Canosa, Melis from Stigliano and Ishmael. Between 1501 and 1549, the castle was settled by Isabella of Aragon and her daughter Bona Sforza, Duchess of Bari and a Renaissance court. They introduced firearms, fortified the structure with ramparts and added a wide moat.

In the 19th century, it was transformed into a prison, followed by barracks. The castle houses the Superintendence for the architectural and landscape heritage for the provinces ofBari, Barletta-Andria-Trani andFoggia.

Some rooms accommodate temporary exhibitions and cultural events, while others house a collection of plaster casts. There is a media room where you can visit the archaeological excavations of the Byzantine,Normanand Swabian-Angevin.

The Multimedia Room houses a film showing the history of theSwabianCastleofBari, in Italian, English, French and German. It is open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 09.00 and 13.00.

The project, Gipsoteca, was born from the desire to display the extraordinary collection of plaster casts, the most famous monuments inPuglia. They are arranged on the ground floor of the Castle Svevia of Bari.

The initiative, promoted by the Regional Director Isabella Lapi and the Superintendent Salvatore Buonomo, coincides with the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. The collection was set up in the Apulian Regional Exposition of Rome pavilion in 1911, during the 50th anniversary celebration. In preparation, there were an impressive number of plaster casts on display inside and outside the structure. Awareness spread quickly amongst intellectuals of the region and had an important impact on the spreading knowledge of architectural and artistic heritage.