Ruvo di Puglia (BA) - National Archaeological Museum "Jatta"

Director: Elena Silvana Saponaro 
Opening days and times: Monday-Sunday 8.30-13.30 Thursday 8.30-19.30; Ticket Office: Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday 8.30-13.30 Thursday e Saturday 8.30-19.30;
Ruvo di Puglia (BA)
Address: piazza G. Bovio, 35
+ 39 080 3612848
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The Museum holds over 2000 artifacts of wondrous beauty in the nineteenth-century palace, Jatta. The building reflects the romantic taste of the antiquarian archeology of '800. Attic and Corinthian imported ceramics document the extraordinary economic wealth of the town between VI and V century BC. Apulian and protoitalioti vases certify, the vibrancy of productive factories in southernItalyin the fourth century BC. Dauni vessels, pottery figurines, bronze weapons, inscriptions and architectural elements are a must see. But the real masterpiece of the collection is the volute krater. It is a red-figure attic, depicting the Death of Talos, the mythical guardian of theislandofCretefrom late fifth century BC.