National Archaeological Museum of Taranto - M.Ar.Ta

Director: Eva Degl'Innocenti
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Taranto (TA)
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CAP: 74100
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The National Archaeological Museum of Taranto, which is located in the Convent of S. Pasquale, or Alcantarini Friars, was founded in 1887.

The building has been enlarged and remodeled in various stages since1903. In that period, the facade was reconstructed and designed by Guglielmo Calderini, the north wing was designed by Carlo Ceschi and built between 1935 and 1941.

The new exhibition, displays excavation findings that illustrate the history ofTarantoand its territory. It is available for view on the first and second floors, displayed in chronological order ranging from the prehistoric and proto-historic period, Greek period, Roman period, and to the late antique and early Medieval period.

The first floor, which reopened on Dec. 20th,2007 has plenty of space reserved for the exhibition of exceptional findings from the necropolis of the fourth and second century BC. It includes funeral monuments and tombs made of gold in a path that leads up to the stages of Romanization.

In the room devoted to Roman Taranto, the splendor of the city is illustrated by the sculptural furniture, statues and mosaic floors of public and private buildings of imperial age.

In the corridors overlooking the cloisters, the history of the Museum and the collection are illustrated by the paintings donated by Bishop Giuseppe Ricciardi. Other artifacts in the collection were converged through purchase or gifts.