Bari - Simi Palace

Director: Francesca Radina
Opening days and times: all days 9,30 - 18,30;
Address: Strada Lamberti, 1
CAP: 70122
+39 0805275451
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SimiPalace, currently home of the Operational Centre for the Archaeology of Bari, is a house palatiata from the Renaissance period. It has dense and tight, vertical and horizontal archaeological stratification. The elegant spaces on the ground floor and upper floors are the result of expansion and transformation of the original medieval center into a historic house built between the 16th and 17th centuries. In the basement of the building, a segment of the stratification of the ancient city ofBari and part of "Underground Bari" is visible. The layered walls in the basement of the building, erected on the ruins of imperial age, refer to the high-medieval and Romanesque age (I century).